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Congratulations Wayne Erikson, 1st Place Driver-Builder for 2013
2nd Place, Jon Larson with Matt Johnson 3rd.

Mora Race May 19, 2013

Randome Photos from the the race,  If you have some you would like to share, send them to JonLarson@powertoolracer.org

2013 Rules and Registration,
Mid Summer National Winners, Skyler Smith 1st, Wayne Ericson 2nd and Matt Johnson 3rd.

Results and Reports for 2012
First Pl
ace, Chelsea -  Wally Jewell's Creation
Second Place Wayne Erickson

Third Place Brian Smith - Brent Smith Builder

4th place - Jon Larson
5th place -  Paul Grey
6th place - Eric Bollensen
the rest of the field in more or less of an order. 
            Matt Anderson - Matt Johnson - Chad Keehr - Chris Linkert - James  Donahue - Andy Dick
Trophies provided by and made by the boys at
Best Rentals Pine City.

You should have been there, What an Afternoon.  No Rain, Warm Breezes, we have never had a day like this.

2012 Rules and Registration,

Links to past race history and information.

Kare 11's Erick Perkins, Perk-at-Play,



Wayne Erickson 320-679-3921

Matt Johnson 320-679-2572

Email, Jon Larson Our WebMaster

Many have asked, why race power tools.  Is it the thrill of Victory?  Is it the Need for Speed?  Is it a quest to prove your man hood?

Some have said it is just another excuse to gather in the garage, play with power tools, and drink beer, which it is NOT!



It's a GREAT excuse to gather in the garage, play with power tools, and drink beer!






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