So this Classic 1966 MGB is not a Power Tool Racer but it is for sale and faster than the average Power Tool racer. 

I purchased this car from Don Waters who bought it NEW with the bonus his team received for finishing their part of the guidance system for the Saturn V rockets, they are the ones that were used in the Apollo missions.  He had begun to restore it after having driven it for many years including a winter in the early 70s.  I trailered it and all it's boxes of parts home and got it running for the summer. 
Over the winter I restored it.  The body
panels were all removed, new rocker panels and lower 
fenders had been welded in by Don, and the body was prepared for paint.  That winter I replace the rear wheel cylinders, many brake and clutch lines, rebuilt the master cylinders, and had the radiator cleaned out.  Each year I set aside some time and money to do a small project, like a new exhaust last year, replace the rocker cover gaskets two years ago.  Oil pan and valve cover gaskets three or so years back, replaced the cartage oil filter with a spin on type about 5 years ago. Replaced the thermostat, heater valve, water hoses and antifreeze 6 years ago or so.

Soft top is in great condition with some fogging of the rear window,  hard top is also nice but I have only drive a short distance with it.  Also includes a nice Tonneau driving cover that is in very good shape.

To my knowledge it has never had an accident.

Things I would like to do.  As you may have guessed I like preventive maintenance but I have fallen behind with the Fuel system.  I was forced to replace the original fuel pump so i could use it in a parade and my local part store didn't carry an MG pump so I put  a new style one in.  It works find but the lines a not as neat as I would like and it doesn't make that nice thumping noise until the system gets up to pressure.  I have the old pump and think if I put in new contacts it would be fine.  It would be good to have the carbs synced and the timing looked at, I think it runs a bit rich.  Always things to do on an old car.

To me the car is worth about $8000, some would say $10000 others would ask $12000 many would offer $6000 and I would politely ask them to search the couch for loose change, we may be getting close to a deal.   If you are interested, we can talk price more.  I can connect with you over skpye or face time if you would like to see and hear it run.     You can contact me at

thanks for looking.