Chad Keehr

My Name: Chad Keehr
What do the other drivers call you: Officer
What do other drivers call you ride: Anything we want, he can't catch us.
Power tool make and model: Not the same one as last year, his no good slacker of a brother-in-law won't tell me where it is.
Car Builder: Wired 911
Special features: IT will be COOL
Review of last years race and what you have done to improve your chance of winning: Started from scratch


No one know what Chad will show up with on race day.  It seems he has other priorities,  young children, work, Protect and Serve all that stuff.  What ever Boopsie brings to the strip two things are for sure.  First, it will be all new this year, the rest of the drivers don't want to wait all day for him to finish.  Second, it won't look anything like a John Deere