We race Power tools so you won't have to!!!

Welcome to Mora's Original POWER TOOL RACING web site.

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To begin 1 hour before the race.

Live Streaming courtesy of Marc Johnson and

Mid-continent Communication!

Please Join us at 3:00 pm on May 19th, 2012 for the Opening race of the season. The road will be ready for racing, the drivers will have new rides and Wayne, the BIG red Loser will try and defend, , , nothing! He only wins in Ogilvie.

2012 Rules and Registration,

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Congratulations to Rookie Chelsea Johnson 1st place, Matt Johnson 2nd place,

and Rookie Brian Smith 3rd Place.

Matt Johnson 2010 Champion

Shown on the left receiving his 1st place trophy from Wayne. Notice the plugs on the trophy, they are from Waynes 2nd place ride from 2009


2009 CHAMPION Matt Johnson 2nd place Wayne Erickson 3rd place Jon Larson

Kare 11's Erick Perkins, Perk-at-Play,


Wayne Erickson 320-679-3921

Matt Johnson 320-679-2572

Email, Jon Larson Our WebMaster

Many have asked, why race power tools. Is it the thrill of Victory? Is it the Need for Speed? Is it a quest to prove your man hood?

Some have said it is just another excuse to gather in the garage, play with power tools, and drink beer, which it is NOT!

It's a GREAT excuse to gather in the garage, play with power tools, and drink beer!