Jon 08

My Name: Jon Larson

What do the other drivers call you: Cheap

What do other drivers call you ride: Very Interesting, but stupid!

Power tool make and model: AEG Cutoff Saw, from - Highly Infected Racing

Car Builder: Noj and his daughters

Special features: REAL and good brakes this year

Review of last years race and what you have done to improve your chance of winning: Started over, again, this year. Had some machining help from Keith Pierson at PTE Inc of Mora

After a disappointing finish last year, Jon dumped everything. Then, being cheap, he pulled it out and striped all the good parts off. The front forks, handle bars and wheel bearings were salvaged and will reappear this spring. With only a few weeks to go he is still looking for a better power tool and some more speed. A real big THANKS goes to Doug and the boys, from Highly Infected Racing, without them I would have had a much slower ride.