Daren Erickson

My Name: Darin EricksonWhat do the other drivers call you: Waynes' Nephew, or The Kid

What do other drivers call you ride: Green Machine

Power tool make and model: Porter Cable Grinder

Car Builder: Darin

Special features: Radio, heater, AC, reclining seats, PS, PB, turbo, intercooler, NOS and other things

Review of last years race and what you have done to improve your chance of winning: I'm New at this.

Darin Erickson, AKA Wayne's nephew, The Kid.

Watching Uncle Wayne build and drive his tools off Darin's dreams came true when the Rule committee amended the drivers age requirement to allow 16 year old drivers, with a parents signature, to compete. Darin's #31 racer "Green Machine" is sure to be a contender with it's Porter Cable angle grinder. Don't be surprised if it look a tad bit like a John Deere. Good Luck. . . Rookie!