Before the Race, Chad Fore's yellow 69 racers John Golly's Pink Trike Jon Larson's #17

Paul Grays' Mini Mega Bike (above) Matt Johnsons' Ladder (below)

Matt Anderson's Blue Bike (below) Brian and Brent Smith's Spyder

Chad Keehr's Quad Racer

Wayne Erickson's Front Drive Trike (above)

Larry Odencrans' Floor Scrubber Larry, Just Moments before IMPACT!!

Wally "the OLD guy"s FIRST Place Ride

Johnson Hardware of PINE City entered the Floor Sander And here is Paul on he and Mike's Mega bike

Golly that is a Pink Trike Izzy wants her 4 wheeler back

Matt Johnson on his ladder and Matt on his bike

Control to Brian, come in Brian Chad Fore, Before Road Rash