Power Tool Race Rules: Adopted February 29th, 2012

2013 Power Tool Race Rules

Each racer will be provided 20 amps and 110 volts AC. No other energy may be added to the Racer, this includes but is not limited to internal or external combustion, nuclear fusion or fission, solar, wind, geothermal, Pork and Beans, compressed fluids, gravity, reactions, driver efforts, windup springs, Jedi powers or FM technology.

1. Any power tool may be used, nearly all parts of the tool must be on the Racer. If you choose to use a 12 hp Air compressor motor, you must bring the compressor, hose, and tank and other parts with you.

2. Any number of tools may be use.

3. Any number of wheels may be used.

4. Feet may not touch the ground before or during a race.

5. Drivers MUST wear a helmet designed to protect your head from impact with a hard surface or object.

6. Brakes must be sufficient to stop the racer with in 50 feet. Fred Flintstone brakes don't count, your feet should not be used to stop your racer.

7. All Racers will wear a DOT approved helmet. Helmets for football, bicycling, hockey, logging, or job site safety are not acceptable. They leave to much blood on the street.

8. Racers must be able to clear the finish line which is two (2") high. A minimum of 2" (TWO inches) of clearance is required under the entire racer as measured with the driver in RACE position.

9. A Driver accessible OFF switch must be install so the driver can shut down the RACER if they wish.

10. Karaoke will not be part of any Power Tool Race, Racer, Meeting, Construction, Discussion, Thoughts, Feelings, or other related events.

11. Driver will be allowed one (1) false start within the FIRST TEN (10) feet of a race. A false start may be caused by, but is not limited to, forgetting to turn on your tool, forgetting to plug in your tool, forgetting to lean forward, forgetting to put the chain on, flipping over backwards, flipping over frontwards, stupidity, lustfulness, hair loss, shortness of breath, shortness of tools, shortness of height, and many other things that are beyond your understanding. A false start is NOT, failure to go fast, failure to win, lack of effort, lack of control, panic, fright, general disregard of public safety and other factors left up to the race judge.

12. A racer may be disqualified if their ride is deemed UNSAFE by the race Judge.

13. Racers must posses a valid Drivers License and must be 16 years or older. Driver under 18 may race with a parents signature.

14. Other rules of fair play and sportsmanship apply.

All decisions of the race Judge are FINAL.

These are the Rules for Power tool racing in Mora, we can't be sure about other locations. These are rules and will be enforced for all competitors with the final decisions be left to the Race Judge.

Select the file below to download a PDF of the Rules.

les may change at nearly anytime up until they are enforced.